How To Break The Coffee Addiction

coffee-addiction-caffeineIn such a fast paced world it’s easy to get addicted to something that helps boost energy levels in the short-term. But it’s more of a roller coaster ride as blood sugar increases and energy drops back down, with all sorts of other effects like increased stress, anxiety and less sleep. Caffeine addiction may be mild but it’s real for many people who try to stop all of a sudden. Each cup of coffee or caffeinated beverage causes a release of the adrenal glands and it impersonates a chemical that helps us stay feeling relaxed called adenosine. Too much regular coffee usage can result in a state of exhaustion, making you more and more tired and taking more coffee to get the desired effect. This is when your adrenal glands have been truly depleted.

Quitting coffee usually only produces mild symptoms but they can be quite disruptive. Headaches are common since caffeine constricts the blood levels in the brain (that’s why you see caffeine in so many headache medicines). Of course caffeine can also cause headaches. It’s best to avoid excessive excess sugar as this can exacerbate the symptoms. A little extra sleep will do wonders to help your body recharge and get back in order.

If you’re a regular coffee drinker you don’t need to quit all at once. It’s recommended to first cut out any coffee or caffeine ingestion after 2PM. You can supplement with Ramon seeds, Teeccino or Malero coffee alternatives. Once you’ve acclimated to the reduced coffee intake and gotten some more rest reduce another cup by using your favorite coffee substitute. You can also mix coffee substitutes with your regular coffee in order to reduce the dosage, this method is preferred by most since they still get some coffee kick and caffeine but at reduced levels. After a period of weeks your body will acclimate and you’ll no longer crave coffee in order to function about your day. You’ll have more energy, be able to sleep more soundly and be more productive.




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